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Welcome to Nepal’s leading telecom VAS service provider

"Bitmoro is a leading bulk SMS service provider in Nepal which empowers businesses with seamless communication. Our platform is easy to use, letting you send personalized messages to many people at once. We make sure your messages get delivered reliably and offer affordable plans. This helps in marketing and engaging with your customers effectively, leading to success in the digital world."

What we do ?

high delivery rates
High Delivery Rates
Ensuring messages reach recipients promptly for effective communication.
customization option
Customization Option
Tailor messages with personalized content for targeted engagement strategies.
Reliable Infrastructure
 Robust systems guaranteeing uninterrupted service and message delivery reliability.
schedule messaging
Scheduled Messaging
Plan and schedule messages in advance for strategic and timely communication.
Analytical Reporting
Analytical & Reporting
Detailed insights to measure campaign effectiveness and refine strategies.
compliance and security
Compliance & Security
Compliance to regulatory standards, ensuring data protection and client trust.

Frequently asked questions ?

You can purchase SMS credit through our platform by navigating to the billing section and selecting your preferred payment method.

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Get your message across and make your customers come back for more with a simple, fast, and integrable bulk sms service provider.
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We offer a robust suite of SMS services, including Bulk SMS, SMS gateway, and API integration, accompanied by comprehensive analytics and top-tier online security measures.

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