Bitmoro Partnership Program

What is it?

Bitmoro Partnership Program is a small initiative to provide the skilled tech enthusiasts some freelancing work related to their field of expertise and providing extra side income.

As a domain registration and hosting service, Bitmoro gets common website related works like Logo designing for the hosted websites, developing news portal, handling SEO, building a blog and other related works and there are lots of skilled person out there who can do these job easily but it might be difficult for them to get clients regarding those services so that’s where Bitmoro Partnership Program comes to help.

With this program, whenever we get tasks like Logo designing, developing blogs or news portal sites, or doing SEO or other things, we will connect that client with one of the partners who signed up in the Bitmoro Partnership Program with the matching skill. This way the client will get their work done and our partner will be earning side income too.

How to succeed at Bitmoro Partnership Program?

As we get orders of the services at Bitmoro, it needs a person with good experience in that field to deliver the results and as a connector, we connect that client to a person with good knowledge of the respective skill. This doesn’t mean you need to be perfect cuz no one is. You just need to have a good portfolio and have done something similar in the past.

How to Apply for Bitmoro Partnership Program

Fill up this form with valid info to sign up for the Bitmoro partnership program

If you get selected with our program, you will receive an official welcome email from us.

How it works?

Client gets their work done and you get paid

Partner Signs Up

One with specific skill signs up the partnership program

Client Orders

Client orders extra service behind hosting and domain registration at Bitmoro

We connects

We connect that client with one of our partners with that skill


You will get to handle the client work and keep the money

Questions you may have

We receive quite a lot demand for such service like designing and development and there are people who are good skilled but have trouble finding clients so we want to help them by connecting them with possible clients and in return we get only 10% of the transaction done for the work.

Not at all! You just need to be comfortable using your skill.

Yes we will connect you for the work if respective work needs the skill you mentioned during signing up the partnership program but we can not guarantee that you will get all the works as there will be quite a few other people like you to have signed up for this program and might be better for the specific task so everyone will get the chance to work but hey it doesn’t cost to apply.

Questions? Comments?

Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.